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Welcome to, the Knowledge Management utility for Actuarial professionals.

BREAKING NEWS:, The Professional Networking Utility for actuaries has been launched. Click here to join for free!

Article of the month


People will be more likely to take out insurance contracts when they believe their risk is higher than the insurance company has allowed for in the premium. This is known as anti-selection. An example in critical illness cover may be where an individual begins to suffer pains in the chest. He takes out a policy without mentioning the chest pains .....

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    Prime Resource Africa.

    , Pretoria
    Normal 0 false false false EN-ZA X-NONE X-NONE Actuarial Assistant
    Prime Resource Partners.

    Part qualified actuary required by major insurer for quarterly reserving and technical provisions support. ...

    Salary: To £40K. Date posted: 22/07/2016
    Prime Resource Africa.

    , Johannesburg
    Our client is one of South Africa's insuerers which covers most of your short-term and life in insurance needs.They are urgently looking for an actuarial candidate who can lead the...

    Salary: Very attractive. Date posted: 04/07/2016
  3. Actuary
    Prime Resource Partners.

    An opportunity within an established non life insurer for a qualified actuary with previous experience in the life sector. The successful candidate will be involved in pricing, reserving and some...

    Salary: £Attractive. Date posted: 22/06/2016
  4. Capital Analyst
    Prime Resource Partners.

    A junior part qualified actuary or a graduate who has some work experience from an internship is required for a capital position in this large blue chip London Market business....

    Salary: To £40K. Date posted: 22/06/2016
  5. Actuarial Analyst
    Prime Resource Partners.

    This varied role for a part qualified actuary in a London Market team will have a focus on pricing and reserving but will also have scope for input to the...

    Salary: To £60K. Date posted: 22/06/2016

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16 May 2011: Announcing the launch of The Actuarial Consultants, a specialist actuarial consultancy and subsidiary of Prime Resource Ltd.

28 Feb 2008: Thanks for all the mails coming in after The Actuary magazine article. Suggestions so far are to add 1) A Career area incl company profiles; 2) Enterpise Risk Management section (especially with the talk around an exam module); 3)Sections for non traditional areas actuaries are having success in. If you would like to make further suggestions or get involved personally, please contact me at

27 Nov 2007: We currently have the Health Insurance, Life Insurance, General Insurance and Pensions glossaries of The Profession uploaded. We will soon have the other categories updated too. Volunteers wanted! If you want to get involved please contact Johan Strydom at

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A wiki enables documents to be written collaboratively, in a simple markup language using a web browser. A single page in a wiki is referred to as a "wiki page", while the entire body of pages, which are usually highly interconnected via hyperlinks, is "the wiki". A wiki is essentially a database for creating, browsing and searching information. A defining characteristic of wiki technology is the ease with which pages can be created and updated.

How works

The roles of Actuaries are growing and fast becoming increasingly specialised. The need for a central Knowledge Management utility is essential to keep the community of Actuarial professionals

  • updated with the latest developments in their specialist areas and
  • consistent in their approach and communication with each other and to those outside the Actuarial profession.

The initial entries have been from The Actuarial Profession's Glossaries. The Glossaries have been produced by the Profession and are reproduced with the Profession's permission. The Actuarial Profession does not accept liability for the complete accuracy of the original material, given that it was prepared for educational purposes only. depends on the Actuarial community to keep it updated and relevant. Members can add additional wiki pages and edit existing ones.

How to add a wiki page

Send us an email at and we will create and account for you. We had to introduce this measure to avoid spam messages and vandalism on the site. Once you have logged in with the user details we will provide,perform a search for the new title with the Go button. When the search finds nothing, press "create the article". Easier still is editing the pagename part of a URL for an existing page. Using the URL for the new page displays the default 'no article' message. The default page has the usual Edit this page link, which can be used to begin adding content.

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Acronym Glossary

The wiki page Glossary holds acronyms with their definitions. When these acronyms appear in articles, scrolling over them with the mouse curser will reveal their definition. Please feel free to add acronyms. Please copy the format of the other entries when adding to the page.

Self Development for Actuaries

I've used self development material extensively during my career to help improve my social and professional life (from public speaking, coping with intimidating meetings, exam nerves, focusing on studies, etc.). As actuaries we are trained up to be very book smart and logical in our thinking. We are left to our own devices to become street smart (how to make theory work in the real world environment) and to develop our creative side of our intellect. I mean, give us a problem and we will look at it and solve it in record time. We will use the theories we have learned and apply the logical intellect (the bit that does maths between our ears) we as actuaries are typically blessed with. But what skills are we lacking? Did we concentrate so hard on those bloody exams that we forgot there is more to life than being number crunchers? Click on Category:Self_Development_for_Actuaries to read more!

Entries from The Actuarial Profession's Glossaries have been produced by the Profession and are reproduced with the Profession's permission. The Actuarial Profession does not accept liability for the complete accuracy of the original material, given that it was prepared for educational purposes only.

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